Update 2023

You no longer need Flash, but before you login you need our easy browser extension to see the animation as previously. See the link for news of progress our coming HTML5 update.

After you login with your password (button below) you will see several 'courses'. Each course contains a list of animations matching popular exams (GCE, IB, IGSE and so on). The animations will load rapidly but do give each course a minute to load. Or you can use a mobile device if you get Dolphin, Photon or Flashfox from the app store. If you are looking for demo samples see here.

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What happens when you login

Usage notes

  • The new courses have a lot more content than previously, so do give the course a minute to load.  Your local cache will fill and the course will load fast hereon.
  • The current version uses JSmol 3D models. You can see and interact with all the 3D models without installing a plugin. It looks best on a big screen in most browsers on Windows or Mac.
  • To keep the online program unrestricted please impress upon staff and students not to share access outside your institution.
  • There is some handy teaching help (also available on the login page)

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