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  • Can students use organic chemistry from home?

    Yes, they can use Windows, Apple Mac OSX or mobile device (with a Flash enabling app).

  • Does it work from a VLE?


  • Must we use Internet Explorer to view the animation?

    No, that's no longer necessary as most other browsers, such as Chrome, will work.

  • Suppose it's just me that wants to use Organic Chemistry?

    You can choose the low-cost version for teacher or individual use

  • Can I have this on a CD?

    No, the CD too often became out of date and installed software is fragile.

  • Do you cover the latest GCE?

    We do. Pretty much all the concepts you teach are covered, but as a bonus, we can re-order the topics to match the IB, GCE, and several international exams. We add exams to our syllabus catalogue on request.

  • Can't I teach instead using free animation on the Internet?

    Probably you can - but you will not find consistent quality, approach or cognitive level. Here you have consistent and incredible coverage in one place. As teachers ourselves, we felt the need to provide that one place and so we worked with professionals to make this product. We feel that the free Internet provides something less good and miserably inconsistent. 

  • Will I get free upgrades to new versions?

    Yes. With this online version you always have the latest version.

  • How do I order organic chemistry?

    You can order here and buy online  or phone or post or email an order. 

  • What are the computer specifications?

    Your Internet browser needs to be able to display Flash content. Most computers can do this without effort. You don't need Java or Chime to use it anymore. It works on very old and very new devices. An iPad or Android tablet will need a Flash-enabled browser app (Flashfox; Photon; Puffin). The animation looks best on the largest screen (it looks too small on a phone).