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Samples for ages 15–16

Although this product is aimed at pre-university (A level) study, this video shows a selection of the content you might use at 15–16 years. You may spot some biochemistry (proteins; DNA, enzymes, carbohydrates).

Samples for ages 16–18

Samples for the main audience of A-level, BTEC or post–16 study. This is a 3 minute selection of clips from 6 hours total play time (250 animations at 90 seconds each). The product was built around numerous courses in Europe and Asia and it is unlikely you will need every moment of everything!

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Using 3D models

3D models are packed with information you can extract from a menu of options. As well as rotate and zoom the model, the options let you measure bond angles, bond lengths and more. Follow this video for the main things to know, watch both of these clips and you'll be an expert in a few minutes. (In this video, we use an older version of the 3D model menu). 

Using 3D models - expert

This video shows more than you need to know in a few minutes. Pause it as needed. For instance, to look at polarity in a molecule you create a model cloud called electrostatic potential. Or to look at protein structure, you can display their shape (cartoons) in place of balls and sticks. In this demo we use an older version of the Jsmol model menu when it was called Chime.