setting up to use the animation

How to install the browser extension to view Organic Chemistry animation

This is hopefully a temporary  fix for one-off installations. (Write to me to be informed on progress with the content).  

In Microsoft Edge (recommended for the easiest install) 

In Chrome (see picture and video below)

  • Click the latest "Chrome / Edge / Safari" link at ruffle. Keep a keen eye to see which folder the zip file goes into. Extract the zip file.
    Copy paste or type in the address bar: chrome://extensions/ (1)
    Turn on Developer mode in the top right corner (2).
  • Click Load unpacked (3) Select the folder you extracted the extension to (4).
  • Scroll down this page to see an animation

In Firefox

Right-click the latest Firefox .xpi download link at Ruffle Click "Save Link As..."
Navigate to about:debugging Click on This Firefox.
Click Load Temporary Add-on... Select the .xpi that you downloaded.

Watch video on Youtube or play below

Did it work?

Refresh this page and click to the right here > click the red double bond >

All set up?

About Organic Chemistry by Roger Frost

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